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Sorry SPCWES, I was trying to throw a little humor into the mix. Valmets were solid forged AK-47s chambered in 223 and 308 made in Finland and are considered the Rolls-Royces of the Ak47 world. Galils fall in step with the Valmets, and both are very hard to come across unless you have a LOT of money. I 'inherited' my fathers Galil and it is becoming a safe 'King' and only take it out on special occasions.

As for good brands of Aks, pre-ban Hungarian, Yugoslavian, Egyptian, etc were some of the better made AK variants. As Tippyman said earlier, if your gun goes bang everytime, then its good. Most AKs are made out of sheet metal and have burs etc in their metal. They never were intended to be a wall ornament.
Best of wishes with you and your WASR
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