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Originally Posted by Tippyman View Post
You mean a Romanian WASR-10 or 10/63?

Basically a crude single stack AK wallowed out to accept high cap mags.

That said, I have one and it goes bang every time. If it tells you anything, I "broke it in" by cleaning out all the cosmoline with Brake-Kleen, running it without lube until it started slowing down, then cleaning/lubing it. Runs fine.
Yes it's a Romanian WASR 10/63. It is not a bad looking rifle and have not shot it yet. Got a sight pusher on the way to fix the front sight up.

I had several projects I was going to work on this year with a small collection of AK rifles being one of them I wanted to get a couple stock ones just to have and a couple that I put a lot of addons to play with.

I am sure it will be much harder and more expensive to do but I am still going to try and get some of them done this year. Mags still seem to be the hardest thing at the moment but I am still working on that as well.

I just wanted to get a few of them purchased this year and try to keep costs around 1k or less per. I wanted to know since I am kind of new to the AK builds if there are models I should consider first.

The heritage of the weapons is not really that important to me but function and in a couple of my selections cases the fit and finish of aftermarket items will be. None of my collection will ever be for wall hanging they will be used and used a lot. Just wanted all the opinions I could get. Thanks in advance!
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