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Wow! 10 hours and nobody mentioned Virginia Tech. I lived in Chesapeake, VA for 3 years before moving to Chicagoland this last July. Hampton Roads is geographically as far from Virginia Tech as you can get, yet the shooting that happened there several years ago is at the front of people's minds out there. I had a guy walk into my auto parts store shortly before I left. He was OC. All the employees that saw him walk in immediately bolted for the back. I helped him out, hoping I wouldn't be placed in a position where I would have to draw (our store had been robbed at gunpoint a year prior while I was at home). After the guy left everybody came out of hiding. I had to inquire wtf was that. The store robbery and Virginia Tech were immediately brought up. Thankfully I was the one wearing the store alarm pager/remote that day.
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