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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
You can look at this from a multitude of angles:

1. He thought about robbing the store, went to get his rfile, then decided better of it and left.

2. He thought about shooting everyone in store, but decided against it and left.

3. He wanted to scare as many people as possible and thought it was funny.

4. He thought he was making a political statement, actually had an epifany that this was probably a bad idea and left.

5. He was a liberal anti-gun person, who thought he wuld create as much shock and disdain as possible to support the cause.

6. He wanted to start off being a D.C. sniper, bur realized he forgot his ski mask and left.

Pick one.
All possible...

Here is another witness account...
Bob Girard said he was angered when he met a 22-year-old man with a loaded AR-15 semi-automatic rifle strapped to his shoulder Sunday evening at the Kroger store on Hydraulic Road and Emmet Street.
“He said he was exercising his Second Amendment right,” Girard, the owner of Charlottesville-based Hurricane City Tees, said Monday. “He got me angry because I could see a kind of smile on his face.”
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