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Well, I went back today & bought a 30S (he still had a couple). I will shoot it tomorrow along with my G30SF to see if the recoil is acceptable... I feel sure it will be.

I did notice that slide peening has already begun, with just the factory test rounds! At least there are noticeable marks on the slide & locking block. Even my G30SF with a couple hundred rounds on it does not look that way; the lighter slide is obviously moving much faster than the regular G30 slides.

It fits a couple of my G30 holsters, but is a little loose in the Askins Avenger type (actually an older Dillon for G21's that I had shortened for a previous G30). I can tighten that if necessary.

The trigger bar is a -2 instead of -1. What's that all about? Is that unique to the G30S?
The kick is noticeably more than the G30SF, especially when firing Buffalo Bore +P 230 gr rounds. Not horrible... about what you would expect when losing more than 3 ozs. of steel in the slide. Probably no worse (if as bad) as a G27... I have not shot one for several years.

I'm gonna keep it, though - it's worth it for a .45 SD gun weighing little more than a fully loaded G26. I never use +P rounds in .45 for EDC.... just keep a mag full for those times when I might take to a trail in the woods.

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