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long shelf life

CRISCO supposedly is just about forever..... not the healthiest cooking oil, but it has an extraordinary shelf life....
Mac and cheese in the boxes has a very long life, white rice, honey, salt, sugar, soy sauce, ramen noodles, pasta, bullion cubes, pre packaged Kool-aid mix, beans/dried, canned meats, canned fruit, anything canned, hard salami, hard cheese sealed in wax,

hardtack (you can make it in your oven). pinole (do a google search).... cornstarch, most spices, oatmeal, raisins, penaut butter is not too bad for a few years, I stored some white flour with dessicants and o2 absorbers, etc and it lasted fine for twenty years....although the experts say otherwise....

dont forget PLENT of matches, svae your jars, all your plastic bottles andf fill them up with matches, bullion cubes, salt, sugar, honey, etc etc......
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