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Originally Posted by racerford View Post
Not true. If you are not a US citizen and are here on a visa, you are here at the leisure of the US Government. You can have your visa revoke denied or revoked without notice. You may be able to fight it, but it will be revoked until you win. They can do it for security reasons. Do you know how hard that is to fight? A person that is inciting unrest in the US citizenry could be a security risk and have their visa revoked.

Seriously, they are the US government they have the guns and they can do what they want in the short term. After time and money you may get your grievances redressed.
Like I mentioned earlier, PM claimed to be an American citizen in a blog he wrote about gun control. He spoke specifically about how people were violating his 1A rights to disagree with the 2A. I believe he was trying to make the pro-gunners that signed that petition out to be hypocrits...ironic, I'd say.
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