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Originally Posted by tous View Post
Pompous, self-important prick though he may be, forgot not that he is an entertainer and as long as there is an audience for his act, he'll perform.

Piers Morgan and his ilk cannot take my mony, liberty or property like a government does. His opinions are simply discourse based on innuendo, sophistry, appeal to the basest emotion and accusation. The man is insignificant. The worst retribution one can visit upon him is to ignore him. A player with no stage is in Hell.

We've seen guests on his show take him apart objectively, with him insulting them and making it personal all the while - I would love it if someone leveled "You're insignificant, Piers" at him, and repeated it after each of his subsequent insults. Yeah it's stooping to his level, but his show is garbage so why not have fun with it? Calling that egomaniac insignificant in from the cameras might just send him over the edge, and I'd pay at least fifty or sixty cents to watch that.
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