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BongoBoy, Yes the bullet is already within the designed velocity ofperformance, What my comment was basically pertaining to was this scenariowhich RYT 2BER was saying trying to drive them faster...1300-1400-1500. Buffalo Bore does show their load as being in these ranges, so pulling one down my reveal the amount and type powder being used to achieve these results.

Originally Posted by RYT 2BER View Post
Really appreciate your posts and tests, but yes I have to agree with the above?

1165fps with 155 gr = 467 ft lbs...

Why even bother going with 10mm? You're basically shooting .40...

I think most 10mm fans would like to see that testing @ 1300-1400 (maybe even 1500) ft per second as it would be interesting to see a full power 10mm load.

This video is honestly more like a .40 test.
I know that they are capable of more but 1225-1250 fps would be about where I see them for my needs.
I have some data, that I have not tested, that has pushed them to 1500 fps. However I don't know where the pressure stands...Finding the right powder combination is key. Buffalo Bore's ammo would have to be a safe pressure levels I would think!
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