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Originally Posted by wprebeck View Post
Or, he could use what we mortals who don't open carry the very type of rifle that is being displayed nationally as a "baby killer" into a grocery store:

Common sense.

This clown is just like the folks in CA who proudly OC'd guns in an attempt to "normalize" their behavior (thus equating it to the gay rights movement*). They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. It's no longer legal to open carry ANY handgun, loaded or not, in CA. And that is a DIRECT result of the OC community's actions.

As Russ always says: When, and where, appropriate.

*When gun owners get a plurality of media support, plus fans in the political world, along with TV shows and movies that feature open carriers in a positive manner - then you can equate gun rights to gay rights. Until then, simply acknowledge it's an uphill battle that can NOT be won by shoving slung AR-15's in people's faces, especially after all that has happened with that particular platform this past year.
You think that being allowed to openly carry an unloaded weapon is anything to brag about? You might as well be carrying a rock.
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