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Originally Posted by The Fed View Post
F Kroger. They could of just told him not to bring a rifle into the store.
Or, he could use what we mortals who don't open carry the very type of rifle that is being displayed nationally as a "baby killer" into a grocery store:

Common sense.

This clown is just like the folks in CA who proudly OC'd guns in an attempt to "normalize" their behavior (thus equating it to the gay rights movement*). They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. It's no longer legal to open carry ANY handgun, loaded or not, in CA. And that is a DIRECT result of the OC community's actions.

As Russ always says: When, and where, appropriate.

*When gun owners get a plurality of media support, plus fans in the political world, along with TV shows and movies that feature open carriers in a positive manner - then you can equate gun rights to gay rights. Until then, simply acknowledge it's an uphill battle that can NOT be won by shoving slung AR-15's in people's faces, especially after all that has happened with that particular platform this past year.
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