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Originally Posted by Riverkilt View Post
Actually, alcohol kills Americans 5 to 1 over illegal drugs. But that's because booze is legal and easy to get and abuse while illegal drugs are difficult to get. A few years back we had a Methamphetamine conference in my little town. Everyone gathered to groan about how horrible meth was in our town with the attendent craziness and crime. I pointed out how alcohol was the major unaddressed problem in town and the Chief of Police leaped right in after me to say the same thing and essentially call us stupid worrying about the meth problem (his guys were on it) and ignoring the huge problems and local death rate from booze. Bottom line: Meth will make you crazy and wrack your body with poisons but alcohol is a poison too - a very good poison - and it will kill folks...
That's another awful rationalization and abuse of statistics.

Tens of millions of people drink responsibly for decades living keen, productive lives and are most often fantastic parents. You can say more or less none of that about meth users.
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