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Originally Posted by SDGlock23 View Post
I no longer have a .357 Mag or 10mm, but when I had the 6" GP100 .357, some of the warmer handloads I can remember off the top of my head included a 125gr JHP @ ~1700 fps, a 158gr hardcast at around 1530 fps and a 180gr XTP @ around 1325 fps. Some factory 125gr .357's are fairly warm, the Remington 125gr JHP does almost 1600 fps from a 6" GP100. The .357 loads I used were with book charges, where a number of "warm" 10mm loads aren't.

I prefer larger bullets myself, but the higher sectional density of the .357 bullets will give them the edge in penetration, a 180gr .357 has higher sectional density than a 220gr 10mm, and there are 200gr .357's too. Then there are 16-24" barreled lever action .357's too which take it up to the next level as well, something you don't get with the 10mm.

The 10mm is loaded "lite" but so are most cartridges from the big ammo makers, and I know a 10mm can shoot a 220gr @ close to 1250 fps from a long barrel, I've personally done it, but it's an over pressure load any way you slice it. However, I load that way too in my setup, I'm just saying that often "full power" 10mm is also "over pressure" 10mm. I would say the .357 Mag and 10mm compare favorably to one another, .40 too when you throw in a 6" bbl. I wouldn't put the 10mm in .41 Mag territory myself.
A very thoughtful post. I like the super-hot .357 125gr JHP loading.
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