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Originally Posted by BEER View Post
booze has never solved anything, but it has damned sure made a whole lot much easier to swallow.

this gal has already walked of her own accord. i was even nice enough to offer the services of my truck and the trucks of 3 friends to get her down the road. she's long gone and done man, and she didn't leave with anything more than she showed up with.

i take that back, she left with the glock 19 i bought for her, the george foreman grill, and those stupid freaking "unusable" hand towels she bought for the bathroom.
As the man that hired me (39 years ago) once said -
"I know what you're going through, however, you won't find the answers to your problems, at the bottom of that bottle."

He was 100% correct.
HOWEVER. . . . at the time, it sure made the pain a little more bearable.

Not too long ago, my wife and I had some really 'serious' discussions about the last 25 years of our life, together.
She asked me, "IF you had to do this all over, again. . . . would you?"

My response, "Are you kidding?? Hell NO!!! NO man could tolerate this pain, for this long! Do you think I want to do it all over, again!?!?!?!?! No way, baby!"

I didn't mind sleeping on the floor. Really.

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