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Originally Posted by Gills63 View Post
I'm a fan of Erza myself. But a bit of advice, I've never seen a problem that alcohol will solve. But it sounds like you know that or else you wouldn't be doing a preemptive apology. If this gal can be pursuaded to go, then best to let her walk.

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booze has never solved anything, but it has damned sure made a whole lot much easier to swallow.

this gal has already walked of her own accord. i was even nice enough to offer the services of my truck and the trucks of 3 friends to get her down the road. she's long gone and done man, and she didn't leave with anything more than she showed up with.

i take that back, she left with the glock 19 i bought for her, the george foreman grill, and those stupid freaking "unusable" hand towels she bought for the bathroom.
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