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ok so here's the deal. i've been "with" my best friend for a little over a year now and everything was gravy. i didn't want kids, she didn't want kids, and we went from there agreeing on everything under the sun. finances were good, sex was good, home life was good, everything was good.

then she started hanging out with her gold digging sister. then suddenly surprise surprise, nothing was good. now i'm an anchor holding her back, i was wasting my potential and hers. i'm 40 years old and running my own business but i'm not making 6 figures a year. i've got a nest egg but it's not big enough. a single wide trailer isn't a good enough home. "i love you" dosen't mean anything without a ring to back it up.

i tell you what, when it came down to brass tacks i obviously didn't so a single thing right. this is the 3rd time i've tried to provide for a woman and the 3rd time i've failed horribly.

i've never owed anybody money, i've never been in debt, i've always owned everything i lay claim to, and i've treated every woman like a freaking queen whether it was a 1 night stand or a full blown relationship.

i think i'm gonna try the whole "gay" thing because so far of all the loves in my life jack daniels, jose cuervo, jim beam, and ezra brooks have never betrayed me.

i honestly don't know where i ever went wrong, but i damned sure know where i'm about to go right. i'll see yall in the bottom of the next bottle.

p.s. please forgive me for anything i post over the next few weeks.
the brighter your light the darker your shadow.
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