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ProMag Customer Service

Just bought an SKS the other day and picked up the last 30 round mag my LGS had. Called my buddy (a former Marine) to show it off. He came over and being the gun expert all marines think they are, he proceeded to press the mag release, yank like hell on the mag then cram the SOB back in (not knowing the bolt had to be locked open). Don't know which action broke off the feed lips but needless to say, the mag was left inoperable. A couple of days later, I was in my shop and happened to notice on the box the mag came in that Promag offers lifetime warranty. Figured I would give them a call just to see if this situation fell under their warranty. I told them exactly what happened and that I realized that this was in no way a product malfunction or quality issue. Well, to my surprise, the guy gave me an item return number, told me to get it in the mail and he would see what they could do. Fast forward 10 days later, went to the post office today and lo' and behold, not 1 but 2 thirty round mags. And on top of that, sent my broke mag back also, so now I have a set of replacement mag parts (spring,follower,base plate). This experience seems to be above and beyond my expectations. For one, it wasn't even their fault the mag was damaged and #2, with all the talk about hi cap mag bans and the inability to even find these things for sale, I'm amazed that they fixed me up as fast as they did. Two thumbs up for ProMag.
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