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Originally Posted by Grizzz View Post
The reason i ask is i have a g21 / 10mm storm Lake barrel & i couldn't find a g21 / 40 s&w conv. barrel. I don't think they make one, at least Storm Lake dosen't.
I have to agree, I don't think that a 45 to 40 conversion exists but I will be buying the LWD 10 to 40 conversion when they finally get it in stock. $109 plus shipping is a whole lot cheaper than another gun.

And, I finally got some Underwood 180gr TMJ 10mm and that is what I am now carrying in my 21. I have some questions to be answered about my slide before I continue shooting .460 Rowland. I should be getting about 1425 to 1450 fps from my 6" barrel. Pretty hot!
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