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Originally Posted by GRIMLET View Post
Heroes, Audie Murphy was a hero. He went above and beyond. The rest were astronauts doing a job they were trained and expected to perform. They did. Nothing more, nothing less.

If I want to be reminded of a hero, I remind myself of the selfless acts of Marines and soldiers who dive on grenades to save their buddies. THAT is a hero. Oh, they are part of the same generation you characterize as "losers and ignorant cowards".

Think strongly before you stereotype anyone. Its wrong.

You work in a California college right?
Perhaps the kids you see there have tainted your view.

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The heroes I am referring to are the ones we see on TV, that does not negate in anyway the heroism of military, fire, medical and police. The intent of my prose was simple, instead of idolizing people who play games quite well, maybe we should go back to idolizing people that make a real difference in our society and our world.

The men I mentioned as heroes were the heroes I grew up with. They are who I looked up to as a kid, who inspired me to do better not just for myself but for my fellow man. My views are not tainted by the kids around me either. Which is one reason I am always "in trouble" for me being me.

And if you don't think walking on the moon, orbiting the earth and basically strapping your ass on top of a massive explosive device built by the lowest bidder isn't going above and beyond then you can't that to even get selected for such a job is quite difficult indeed. Those men were the cream of the crop when it came to doing their jobs. The best of the really greats.
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