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First Conservatives need to buy up mainsteam media.

Why they let the looney left get stronger and just castigate them all the time is beyond me. If we controlled the media, we'd have everything we wanted, let the wacko Kooks stand outside, while we would have the hearts and minds of America.

What about all the doctors, medical professionals trained in recognizing mental illness just letting this fruitcake run amock?

If his brain wasn't fried, you can bet that after the mind altering drugs he was certainly on, the ones the drug industry warn you on T V about lethal side effects, then sell it like candy, but what the heck. If you gave a nutcase a few beers and something happened, they'd put you in jail, but if you are a mind altering drug company, well it's business as usual.

Sandy hook should focus on the real ones that caused this problem, not innocent firearms owners who took no part in this crime.

There will always be dangerous people out there, that is why it is necessary for armed good people to be there to stop them.
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