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Originally Posted by HighTechRedneck View Post
BTW - Eric, I don't mean to be a touchy-feely crybaby pansy, but what if I find the term redneck to be offensive??? I take great panty wadding, er, um... I mean, I take great offense to this thread. Redneck is OUR word. We can use it but you people can't. You Yankee cracker.

Ok. Just kidding. Carry on...
I was born in Arizona, raised in Texas and live in Texas now. The only time I have ever spent in the north, Uncle Sugar was paying me to carry a gun. So keep your touchy away from my feely, you backwoods hick. Eric
"I don't care, what the future brings
Give a damn, about anything
I'd be fine, if they'd only leave me alone."...
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