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I figure this is pretty spot on... so I will post it again, just in case it got lost in all the other noise.

Yes, losers and ignorant cowards.

Suppose I should extrapolate this out a bit. I know that my kids are not raised spoiled, dependent or as cowards. But I see the results of parents giving too much to their children just to appease the children. And those results get leadership such as Feinstein and Obama and others of their cloth elected.

The results are children that fail to launch, incur massive amounts of debt and take mounds of drugs to keep them stable. Since the removal of corporal punishment from not only our school systems but homes as well, and the new fangled "Talk to them!" methodology of child rearing we have a nation full of spoiled brats dependent either on their parental units or the government.

The sense of entitlement is fostered at home by parents that give to their children for little to nothing in return. So the child is programmed to believe they are owed so much for so little. This extrapolates out to a much larger problem as they grow older. But by then it's too late to correct the behavior in a timely and efficient manner.

I am not saying we should be beating our children, quite the contrary. Children need solid and firm discipline, a sense of order as well as a sense of belonging and being important in the family unit. As I have told Mali, I believe that MOST children can be raised without ever having to use physical coercion to obtain the expected behaviors. But there are some children that the ONLY way to get their attention is to hit the reset switch in their bottom.

There are many reasons why our children are being raised screwed up:

1. Family units are broken apart by divorce.

2. Family units refuse to mend past issues with elders thereby alienating a generation of built in child care.

3. Families are spread out which eliminates the ability of elders to help their children raise their children.

4. Both parents are working full time jobs which eliminates parental supervision and is used as an excuse to extract oneself from the responsibility of parenting.

5. Discipline is viewed as a negative thing. It isn't. How discipline is instilled is the problem, but discipline itself is a powerful tool in any persons kit.

6. Government intrusion into the private lives of families. I understand that abuse does happen, I lived in an abusive home... I know first hand what abuse is... and what it isn't. The problem is now little Johnny or Jane can run to a school official and rat their parent out. The child's word is taken over the adults word with very little initial investigation.

This creates an environment where parents are terrified of CPS coming into their homes. Children are pretty smart and if they sense ANY way to get an upper hand they will take it. CPS is their upper hand that has ruined many good families... all because the child didn't get what they wanted.

There are more reasons and sources to the overall problem. But the simple fact is to take our nation back we must also take back the responsibility we have ALL allowed to be given to the government. It's time to reform the public education system, it's time we start impeaching representatives that FAIL to uphold their oath of office. It's time we start building heroes such as John Glenn, Audy Murphy, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong.

But... yeah the current crop of young folks are losers... and we are all partially to blame for it either directly or indirectly.
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