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Originally Posted by MrMurphy View Post
UTG= cheap Airsoft crap.
How so? Are you saying UTG is "cheap airsoft crap" as a blanket statement for thier entire product line, or just their buffer tube? According to their material specs, they use the same 6160 aluminum with cut threads as many other companies use like DSA (which supply commercial and milspec diameter tubes to a lot of manufacturers). How many 6160T commercial tubes have you seen fail?

But anyway, you guys really need to get off the validation by brand mentality and misleading blanket statements.

Tapco gets crapped on all the time and is warned against to newcomers yet they were one of the FEW companies putting out an ACTUAL MILSPEC receiver extension (7075T, extruded, dry film etc.) Armalite uses 11595-E barrel steel, double lapped, chrome lined barrels but in 1/9. At one time Bushmaster and Olympic were actually praised for their barrels accuracy. Steve from ADCO did a torture test on a modified Rock River's lowly 416 SS barrel, and deemed it was suitable for a fighting carbine barrel, but still get cast aside by the gun forum elite because they are from RRA and aren't 410 LW barrels.

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