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Originally Posted by Trapped_in_Kali View Post
Well I'm 100% American, I'm an English-Irish-Scottish-German-Swedish-Finnish-Mongol-Native American. So "The Melting Pot" fantasy world existed in The U.S.A.!
the point is, the poster I as responding to seemed to lave the impression the we are more divisive today than in some "good old days" in the past, which is a crock. we have generally been divided in this Country along racial, religious, cultural and geographic lines for most of the Country's history, just about like every other Country that is multicultural, simply human nature.

I know a lot about it. As a Scot/German/Indian/Redneck I had to give up drinking 'shine. I'd get drunk, put on a kilt and war paint, grab a Mauser rifle and start marching towards Paris.
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