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Originally Posted by vandros View Post
Interesting... So, am I gaining anything if I load a bullet designed for 1000 fps to go at 1500 fps? Am I at least getting bigger energy dump, even if bullet itself falls apart? Many hot 10mm cartridges (1600 fps or greater velocity) use bullets that were designed for much slower .40 cal.
You're gaining energy for sure, and something that is flatter shooting. As long as the bullet is designed to hold up at 1500 fps, you should be fine. Even if driven too fast, that doesn't necessarily mean it flat out won't work, it just means you're likely to see some type of failure, whether it be bullet failure or lower penetration, and some won't see that as a failure per say, but it is an effect.

Take a 135gr JHP for example, even at ~1300 fps it can exhibit fragmentation, push it to 1500 fps and it's going to fragment worse. I'm not really sure there is much point to pushing it much faster than that, other than just to see what happens. I've pushed them over 1800 fps in a .40 but never shot anything with it, although I'm certain it would be explosive on large pesky "rodents".

I think the 155gr and 165gr Gold Dot do pretty well at higher speeds, I think it's the shallow cavity that helps it. I've shot them out of .40's doing 1100-1200 and they do just fine, and even at 1400 fps and they seem to hold together. There is a limit to every design, it's just finding it. The 180gr Gold Dot does pretty well, but the deeper cavity Gold Dots seem to break apart faster than the shallow cavity ones, and a Gold Dot WILL break apart if driven too fast.
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