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Originally Posted by iDivideByZero View Post
So a clip is a magazine and a magazine is a feeder ... got it. ... glad it makes so much sense now.

Exactly my point. It is made this way to leave it open for a reason. It's still a crime to load more then 7 rounds in any thing. So how do you safely load a M1?

Hey I hope it's true that they are not considering the M1 an assault weapon, but I have trouble trusting it.

I went to the range last week and the RO was telling everyone the police were at another local range the day before confiscating any rifle or magazine that they saw as non compliant with the 1994 AWB that never sunset in NY. A lot of the items are being claimed as compliant. Now it could be rumor, but I doubt it based on the older gentleman who warned us about it. He basically said it was a bad idea to have anything even remotely questionable.
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