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Originally Posted by kmrcstintn View Post
I was toying around with a Walther P22Q for a few weeks, but found the thing too picky and UNRELIABLE for defense use (even though CCI Mini-Mags and Stingers ran like a champ, I want something that can run on standard velocity stuff in case I run out and can't get CCI high velocity stuff); I switched to a Ruger Mark III Standard 6" barrel for fun/target/plinking and it runs virtually everything (didn't feed Federal Spit-Fire due to the longer length of the bullet)

right now the Ruger is doing HD duty with CCI Mini-Mags
I've only taught my 13yo daughter to shoot .22 so far, so that's what I'd have her use for HD. I'd make it a rifle -- our BL-22 (Browning short-stroke lever-action .22), because it's easier for a scared girl to point. If she's home alone and someone tries to break in, she's just supposed to hide in a bedroom corner and shoot any stranger that comes through the door. 15 times, if possible. A rifle seems better for that.

As soon as any of the kids are able to handle something bigger, I steer them to something bigger. My oldest daughter has a 20-gauge and my oldest son a 1911.
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