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Originally Posted by jakebrake View Post
they make kick ass catfish bait.

(But just between me and you: If you like trout lines or dead-stick (e.g., "bush hook") catfishing, just take ya a couple three of them little sausages and put 'em into a bowl. Then take some corn flakes and mash the sausages and corn flakes together. Add enough corn flakes till you have a ball-conformable mixture that is tight enough to stay on a hook.

I now use salmon egg hooks I buy from online as making a ball the size of the entire hook is perfect for when I fish this bait. Putting bells on the limbs or cane poles will probably keep ya busy all night if there are a lot of fish around.

Back in the day, I would form a ball of this same mixture and place it on the point and barb area of a larger sized hook. I tried to get 'em all set before sundown, and then go check 'em in the morning.
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