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Originally Posted by steveksux View Post
Perhaps it has something to do with the lack of any of the prerequisites of life on the moon. No atmosphere, no liquid water. The jury is still out on whether there was life on Mars back when it apparently did have more of an atmosphere and liquid water.

Hard to fathom someone dense enough not to understand why life didn't evolve on the moon.

Not remarkable at all, considering there's trillions upon trillions of stars out there, and tons of planets being discovered as planet detecting methods become more sensitive and sophisticated. Given the sheer number of possible locations its simply a matter of time, and given billions of years the universe has been in existence, there's been plenty of time.

Pretty basic stuff here. Doesn't take a genius to figure it out.

Some used to think bacteria could not live in the acid environment of the stomach. Others were sure that animals and other life could not live at temperatures over twice the boiling temp of water at sea level. Of course life elsewhere would be very different. Don't assume so much. It's a question.

You do point out that what we really know about the physical properties and presence of life in the universe is very limited. We certainly can speculate though, right?

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