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Originally Posted by Punisher_nbi45 View Post
Were any BOGs at SM Mega Mall when the Jewelry heist perpetrated by the "Martilyo Gang" was ongoing?
My wife and I were there, but left several hours before
it happened. I was there for an adjustable wrench and
some c-clamps from Ace Hardware.

Just thinking out loud...I wonder what would / could have happened if legally armed and responsible armed citizens were there? Just supposing that the Mall management would not file any charges and / or there were no legal implications, would you have gone in and "helped" out??
Helped out?
Assuming I had no loved ones to secure?

It seems no one was in immediate mortal danger, and if
I'd drawn steel to "help out", the odds of BG return-fire
hitting an innocent would have increased exponentially.

If someone was about to get killed, (shopkeep, shopper,
mall guard or LEO), the motivation to "help out" would
increase, but the odds of my being gunned-down by an
arriving LEO or mall guard (too many of them can't shoot
worth a wet turd, and their situational-assesment is
often worse) would also expand. If I were shot by LEO's
or guards, I'd probably be "allowed to expire" and thence
be branded "as one of the robbers" (thence my family
smeared, harassed, or even kidnapped/executed by dirty
elements of SAF/PNP, in a cover-up to protect their own).
Puede nang plot for a Rudy Fernandez movie?

I guess that's a "No, I'm not sure I'd help out".

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