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Originally Posted by engineer151515 View Post
Oddly enough, I feel you have the most potential. But growth without learning is like a building without a foundation.

Don't just accept what is thrown at you. Look for the roots underneath. When you know yourself, and know your opponent, you will never loose a battle.

Best wishes.
Because I didn't lie about reading the article? Being honest shouldn't be anything special. do ngu nam goi cam quan ao thoi trang han quoc chan goi so sinh vay lien cong so quan ao ban buon chup anh cho be

Anyway, I'm not right or left, I'm libertarian, almost to the point of being anarchist, so I don't just take what is thrown at me. Though I guess you could make the argument that I trust reason, cato, and mises, and take what they throw at me. I'd disagree, but the argument could be made.
Some people want freedom, even for those they disagree with, and some don't.
Do lot Do so sinh Ban buon quan ao Chup anh cho be
Originally Posted by CAcop View Post
The constitution is not, nor was it meant to be absolutely literal.

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