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As a bonafide West Virginia Mountain William, I know folks who would fit that description to a 'T'. Once when I was a food sales rep, I called on one of my stores in Parsons WV., a lovely mountain village in Tucker Co. There was a sign near the door that advertised (no fool'n) "The Hick Festival" I chuckled a little at that and said, "There's a festival for just about everone now!", or some such. I got some long faces and some stern looks from some of the store employees. I told them straight up I WAS a West Virginian and could laugh about it if I wanted to. Didn't change anything.
I think everyone needs to loosen up a little (no matter who you are) and not take yourselves so seriously.
It always amazed my co-workers in Pittsburgh that I laughed at West Virginia jokes whenever one was told. Funny is funny as long as it isn't vulgar. Various counties and towns in WV have jokes told about them by adjoining communities. No one gets their tighties in a wad, so many have relatives or friends that are the carbon copy of the joke in real life...

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