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Originally Posted by BIGGUNS911 View Post
This is what I received in a memo. I was incorrect on the model # of the holster. The memo says that does not matter as all ALS light mount holster's are effected.

Washington Association of Sheriffs and police chiefs

Sarariland model 6360-2192 ALS light mount holster

Our agency had a handgun discharge while it was in the holster, on a patrol call for service. This was the result of a child getting his finger into the trigger guard and pressing the trigger. This incident turned out as good as it could with o injury and minor property damage. An inquiry to what happened occurred and the following was found.

1. The holster was a Sarariland model 6360-2192 ALS light mount holster, set up for Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm.

2. With a little work and a proper angle (due to the holster mold being low cut and wide near trigger) an adult can get a finger into the trigger and fire the weapon.

3. Children have a mush easier time getting to the trigger with their smaller appendages.

4. Research around the nation has shown two other incidents where the same type of discharge happened during a fights with a mental ill subject. One resulted in a back up officer being shot in the leg.

5. The manufacturer indicates trigger access is because of the light/laser width and holstering issues.

6. There is no projected fix/solution date to this issue.

7. This is not unique to only S&W handguns.

8. Non light mount ALS 6360 holsters do not have this trigger access issue.

In Kent PD's research, the Safariland ALS holster is still the best retention holster on the marker, and we are going to keep this (non light mount version) as our primary duty holster. With that said, our agency has a solvable safety issue with the ALS 6360-2192 light mount holster. Until the manufacture solves the trigger access problem or another manufacturer with similar retention values/ trigger protection are found, we are taking all ALS light mounted holsters out of service and issuing standard non light holsters.

If you have any questions please contact Kent Police Department Range Master Chris Sprague (253) 856-5857 or Sergeant Bill Blowers at (253) 856-5858.

So there you go, that is what I know as of now. Bigguns911
Ridiculous. You come up with three incidents of this type nationwide involving the most commonly used holster on the market, the manufacturer explains, correctly, that their product is not the issue, the light is, and they still call this "solvable" and pull the holsters. How about they come up with the number of incidents where a tactical light was beneficial? Better yet, the number of incidents where the ALS holster's retention system prevented a gun grab and there was no unintentional discharge. GOOD LUCK.

And who proof-read that thing?
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