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Originally Posted by juggy4711 View Post
No kidding? I would have never guessed.

Those that do not believe in Creation by a deity and properly understand the science, know that there is nothing wild or random about any of it. Those that want to discredit science for some reason or another, whether they believe in creation or claim they don't know and want that to be a superior belief, always try to play the random card.

What is random about the strengths of the nuclear forces? Magnetism? The speed of light or the compositions of elements. What is random about the fundamental particles?

If those things did not have the values they do, there would not be anything much less anyone to observe it. If you call that random? Oh who am I kidding I already know how much trouble you have with definitions.
If life is just a natural progression from simple chemical reactions in nature, why haven't we found it on the moon or mars? It would not be the same, but it would have adapted to it's own environment. We have found life in areas of the world with water temps approaching 750 degrees Fahrenheit. If a planet has to be just the right distance from just the right star, and contain just the right elements, and rotate at just the right rate..... The elements must be in the right place, at a very small scale, in the right amounts, form into the right structures, organelles, and knit together just right..... What results must be able to maintain homeostasis, be in a hospitable environment, must be able to grow, and to replicate itself with an ability to adapt to it's surroundings to increase it's chance of survival.

You wouldn't consider that a remarkable event?

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