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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
I have no idea what you are talking about with that post either.
No kidding? I would have never guessed.

Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
...With no proof either way, both creation and wild random chance are religious beliefs, based on faith...
Those that do not believe in Creation by a deity and properly understand the science, know that there is nothing wild or random about any of it. Those that want to discredit science for some reason or another, whether they believe in creation or claim they don't know and want that to be a superior belief, always try to play the random card.

What is random about the strengths of the nuclear forces? Magnetism? The speed of light or the compositions of elements. What is random about the fundamental particles?

If those things did not have the values they do, there would not be anything much less anyone to observe it. If you call that random? Oh who am I kidding I already know how much trouble you have with definitions.
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