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And what about us poor white-lookin' Mexkins down here in the Republic of Texas? I'm 7/8 Hispanic, 1/8 Cherokee on my Mama's side but look 100% anglo!

I learned long ago to use my nickname instead of my full name when meeting new folks or going to parties. So I became inured to Mex jokes. Ironically, being US born and bred, I've never thought much about it since my surname sounds Anglo. The only time is when I fill out some guvmint form and it asks racial questions.

The point of all this is that I hear and tell all kinds of racial jokes, including Redneck variety, with all my friends, who are of all colors and mixtures. No Problemo!

Everyone these days acts like they have an official Obama-issued cob up their rear end. No wonder nobody jokes or laughs anymore...

OK Eric, I'll take my spanking now....

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