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I see the same problem with my gf. We grew up together and are now in our 30's. she has absolutely no problem solving skills, her people skills are atrocious, and don't even bother asking for some common sense. It's irritating to the point that I now just tell her to figure it out and walk away. Her mom has coddled her so much that I have to explain that life isn't a fairy tale at least twice a week. People these days are pathetic.

It's sad that most of my friends find it strange that I fix things that break, own a sewing machine and know how to use it, have power tools, and buy do it yourself kits or build something from scratch rather than a finished product. But that's where my parents raised me differently. Growing up my parents had enough money to buy me anything I wanted but I had to work for it and if something of mine broke I had to fix it or at least attempt before they would offer suggestions or help. I moved out the summer after I graduated high school and only went back once for a few weeks while in between apartments years ago.

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