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Originally Posted by Pier23 View Post
MY experience with SmithWalthers (YMMV) is that they will look at the piece, declare nothing is faulty, return it to you and you will have the same issue again, until you get the piece replaced.

I went through two SmithWalthers until I got one that works well. Love the Walther, not a huge fan of SmithWalther, but eventually Smith gets it sorted out.

But now with the separation, it will be interesting to see what happens.

Best of luck to you. Perseverance is your friend.
Thanks for the info. If it comes back and still has problems, it's getting traded in for something else and Walther will be off my buy list. I've had to write off Kahr and Taurus for the same reason. I don't have time to mess around. There are too many other things I can be buying.
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