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Originally Posted by LampShadeActual View Post
Before they lock this "ammo" thread like the reloading ammo one below, some info.

Reload your own and control your own ammo supply. Easiest reload I have found yet for any 9mm Glock.

*Brass= my own fired brass and range pickup brass full length resized and deprimed.
*Primers= inside neck expand and prime with any WW, FC, CCI, or RP primer that is "small pistol"
*Bullets= 115 grain JHP or FMJ, 124 grain JHP or FMJ, 124 LRN (lead round nose)
*Powder= 4.1 grains Bullseye Pistol Powder with any of these three bullets.
*Normal power American level 9mm load with any of the three bullets.
*COAL= 1.100 to +0.002" in actual seating. No shorter.

I have used the 115 jacketed bullets when 124 jacketed were not readily available by the thousands. Remington Bulk from MidWayUSA in 2000s is the easiest order for good bullets.

Recently, jacketed bullets are on indeterminate backorder so I picked up a few thousand 124 grain LRN cast bullets measuring out at 0.355-6" and cast fairly hard.

They shoot to the same point of impact and as accurately as the jacketed without any leading in a M19 barrel and in a M17 barrel.

The three loads above shoot to the same zero almost and certainly close enough to never lose one outside an IPSC "A" zone center through 25 yards offhand. They also shoot to the same zero as the two guns sighted specifically for Fed147HydraShok in the M17 and for Hornady 135 Critical Duty in the M19.

Lee Carbine dies, Lyman cast iron press, powder via a RCBS Little Dandy with the rotor that throws 4.1 grains of Bullseye, #7 rotor on the RCBS chart. The fixed hole never screws up and never changes.
Think about reloading, Take control of your ammunition supply. SJ 40
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