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Sorry but I'd did not read all 7 pages of the responses.

I don't see a problem with a 23 year old living at home who has full time job or is going to school. I don't think most people here do. It is the ones who hang out all day that is the problem.

2000/2001-Present - New Silent Generation or Generation Z
Status and still very dependent as they are kids.
1980-2000 - Millennials or Generation Y
Currently some are fighting in Iraq and Afganistan, others are struggling to find their way and break free from mom and dad. A lot of this generation has not been able to experience the prosperity that their parents have nor do they want to work for it. They are even more den dang than mom and dad because of being raised in a dependant culture.
1965-1979 - Generation X
My generation, a real problem here. Questionable attitudes continue to perpetuate. A lot of this generation has not been able to experience the prosperity that their parents have nor do they want to work for it. The later part of generation X is the product of don't spank your child crap. A lot of the 20 year old kids are out of college and living with mom and dad because they don't want to work for less than what dad makes.
1946-1964 - Baby Boom
My wife's generation. Again a lot of this generation are seeing their 30 and 40 year old kids living in mom and dads basement. A lot of their kids are not taking jobs because they can't live in the same comfort as mom and dad. This generation also brought us Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll. As well as a very questionable change in attitude towards letting everyone do what they want.

The problems have perpetuated from generation to generation. Each time the morales, drive and work ethic receding a little bit more. There will always be exceptions in the generations the ones that do us proud.
My step son was a dependant emotional wreck. How ever he got up and went to work evey day. He kept his crappy job as server in a restaurant, with always the promise of a management position hanging over him. He finished two years of college and lost all drive to be successful when he saw you had to work really hard. It was easier to scrape by than try to advance himself. He did live out on his own and was married, but it took our support from them to get by.
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