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Originally Posted by LEOson View Post
You know, not all of us in our early 20s that still live at home are losers. Some of us live at home because we pay our own way through school and can't afford to live on our own.
OK, granted some of you live at home for financial reasons. But man, it sure seems like I touched a nerve with most of you.

Let me ask all of you that live at home for financial reasons a question, who does your laundry? Who cooks your meals?

If the answer is "mommy", society's answer is " looooser".

I learned more about being an adult the first year I lived on my own, than I did four years in college. Give it a try, I think you'll enjoy it.

And is it better to live in some crappy one room apartment, than to live at home with mommy & daddy? It is if you want to be an adult.
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