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All this echoes my first and only experience of ordering from glockstore.

To help set some of you at ease, all ended well when I finally received the balance of my order on Friday 1/25.

I placed my order on December 29. I did not receive an order confirmation.

I realized gun and ammo related places have been crazy swamped so I was patient. Though after a couple weeks of nothing I logged into their site and saw my order was PENDING. I sent an email through their popup message system and.... No response. A couple days later tried to call and call and call. BUSY signal. I kept trying and finally i got a call through and Lenny answered.

He said they have been very busy but were starting to get to the orders placed on 12/29 that day. I thought "cool, should see things soon." After another week, I got part of my order. No updates of the remaining items I ordered. Sent a couple more messages on their system. I NEVER received a reply. As I said though, last Friday I finally received of my order.

My take is they may be overworked, short-staffed, out of stock but ultimately really POOR customer service. Answering email corespondent to their customers is CRITICAL. I received my order but don't know that I would ever purchase from them again.

To name a few good ones, I always have had GREAT experience with:

Larue Tactical (Stellar customer service!) AAA+++

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