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Originally Posted by pistolpete10mm
Still the worn spring didn't feel bad when I did the test described in one of the above posts, but it was enough to give feeding problems in cold weather conditions.

From now on I will change the recoil spring in my 10mm every 3000 rounds just to make sure my pistol remains reliable.
Obviously the new spring did the trick, but it sounds like thick lube wasn't helping. I am curious as to whether the recoil spring test with the old spring would fail if the gun was cold.

Originally Posted by Stkx66 View Post
Wow! I had 2 FTF's yesterday at my local indoor range and today I read this post. Sure enough my G20 did not pass the test. I don't think I've shot more than 2,000 rounds on the original factory spring but maybe I have...? I ordered a stainless guide rod and complete flat spring kit from GlockMeister. I anticipate running the 20lb spring. I mostly shoot Underwood, Double Tap, Remington, Georgia Arms ammo.-( More Remington and Georgia Arms target ammo than the other two ) Thanks for the info.! Also, I had an FTF with 200 grain hardcast this past summer and subsequently swapped out ammo for Underwood 200 grain XTP's which cycled just fine at the time. My recoil spring may have needed changing for as long as a year. Again thanks for the info.
I was just passing on what I had learned. There is a lot of info floating around on Glocks, and you do learn quite a bit trying to fix the problems that crop up when you 'soup up' your gun...
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