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Originally Posted by HWI View Post
Does the MS3 use different hooks than the MS2? I used to use an MS2 with my AR and tried it on my AK and found out that the front hook would not properly attach to the front sling loop on the AK.
Yes, they are different than MS2. I did like MS2 because of the bigger radius of the ring the hook would grab, but friend of mine with AK ( I didn't have mine yet) found them to be noisy.
I like the MS3 better than MS2. The sling that it is on my picture was originally on my shotgun, but I took it off to see how will fit on the AK and I love it...
It is too late to take pictures, but if you look at the last video from my previous post, the guy shows the two slings side by side, here is some pictures that I found in Internet:
The Kalashnikov Klub

The Kalashnikov Klub

The Kalashnikov Klub

I like it... It's little bit on the expensive site, but I think works very well as two or single point sling, it is quick to operate and very strong. MS2 is also excellent sling if you can find it cheaper, they don't make them anymore and I think most of the volume is sold out...
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