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Welcome to my world - I'm an addictions therapist. I have seen guys use Rx speed look pretty rugged in a few weeks. Your body doesn't know if its from a pharmaceutical factory or a clandestine lab. Of course the meth from labs has a lot of residual crap in it and varying one of the 40 some recipes/processes by a different brand of raw material, a few degrees of heat or the time creates new weirdo chems. A lot of the physical damage is from the weirdo chemicals used to make meth clandestinely. This time of year its easy to spot a tweaker. They're outside in the cold with flip flops, shorts, and tank tops because they are overheated from the meth. Their hallucinations and delusions can be a hoot. My favorite to date was a guy who said with all sincerity, "I am Adoph Hitler's daughter." Industry loves the stuff though - productivity is up in the factories. If you've never seen someone on meth visit a supermarket that's open all night about 2 am and check out the guys restocking the shelves....they're very fast for a reason...
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