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LW adjustable trigger stop issue

Just installed a LW connector, trigger spring and adjustable trigger stop. Adjusted the trigger stop to get a decent trigger reset.

Testing the reset, I cycled the slide with the trigger pulled and when I let off the trigger the striker fires. Removed and installed a couple more times to see if something would seat better and the same thing.

If the rear pin in the handle is removed, the striker doesn't fall when the trigger is released with the LW trigger housing installed.

Reinstalled the OEM trigger housing with the LW spring and connector and everything functions fine.

The only visable difference I can see (besides the allen screw stop) is the metal tab on the top is thicker on the OEM than the LW trigger housing. Also the OEM has a 1 stamped on the side and the LW has a 2.

Are there 2 different trigger housings available? Any thoughts why this would occur with the LW trigger stop?

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