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Originally Posted by ysr_racer View Post
I stoped reading after "I am 23 years old and I live at home ". Sorry.
Perhaps I am out of touch with reality, so please enlighten me as to what exactly is wrong with living at home at 23 years old? And just to set the record straight, I moved out when I was 22 and am currently 27. Honestly, is it really better to squeak by in some roach-infested apartment in a gang-controlled neighborhood while you are earning your degree or looking for a job? Does that somehow make you a better man? Or are you just an idiot who declined the help of his parents because of some ego trip? It's one thing if your parents are unable or unwilling to help, but otherwise your mentality is stupid. Sorry, but not all of us had the good fortune of entering the job market in a booming economy. Furthermore, I had the good fortune of finding a job right after college (see my post a couple pages back), which enabled me to move out. Many were not so lucky, especially now.

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