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Originally Posted by NEOH212 View Post
I lived at home for a good while after collage. While I did so, I paid my fathers house off and supported him until he was able to collect social security.

I lived there long enough to save up enough money to purchase my own home. I have a collage degree and currently earn $50k per year.

And yes, I still help support my father.

I guess everyone that has lived at home and talks to their parent(s) daily are a looser.

I'm not going to tell the OP where to stick it since he's so smart, he should be able to figure that out on his own.

Forgive me, because it is Saturday night, and I just got home from the bar ... and I'm trying to think of the most excellent way to be a dick about this:

Collage - The Okie Corral

College - The Okie Corral

I personally think it is pretty awesome you get $50k a year making collages The Okie Corral

... PS if you can't laugh at this I really think you should grow thicker skin, or get off the internet. Cheers
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