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Originally Posted by norton View Post
My beef with many of these threads is the dismissal of what the Greatest Generation did-
I got on a web site and found the small county I live in in northeastern Indiana. The largest city in this county has about 35,000 people. It has not shrunk since the days of WW2.
More then 100 individuals from my county alone made the supereme sacrifice in WW2.
Lets give those folks the credit they deserve. Just as select individuals from the following generations deserve.
I agree. I myself am a veteran, and members of my family have fought in every major military conflict dating back to the Revolution (but just for the South in the Civil War ). I have a lot of people in my family that I have the utmost respect for, and then there are those that are best not spoken of ... There are those of every generation that are exemplary, those that legends are made of ... those that history chooses to forget .. and then the ones so terrible that we can never forget. In the end, respect and disgust are not based solely upon military performance, we would be an awfully narrow-viewed society if that was the case. There are many measures to base someone's worth from. None of them allow you to stereotype the entire generation.
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