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Originally Posted by CanyonMan View Post

Just because you have a short tube in a 45acp, does not mean you have to start using 180gr'ers to get more horse power to do the job. Good greif this gun /caliber was desinged around a 230gr bullet. Use it. Get the momentum and penetration you need to have out of your 45's. I have never seen so many folks buy a 45acp and then drop down to the 185gr bullet. Why not stick with the 230gr and get the hard hit and the needed penetration. The short barrels will still do fine with the 230gr I assure you.


I have an XDs and it will get a diet of 230 HPs, because it doesn't need the velocity to do what it's good at. I figure the HP has a profile that is more likely to cut than slip through and if it were to have enough velocity to "Over penetrate" it would probably have the velocity to expand and not over penetrate.
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